The exhibition in Znojmo was attended by almost all the modern legends of Znojmo football who were at the rise of the local football club. Among others, Vasil Ducár (boxing), Peter Pucher (hockey) and Andrea Stašková (football) took part in the exhibition. The proceeds went to the Kruh Children's Rehabilitation Centre, where they managed to purchase a specific device for motor exercises, to Evička N. and Ondrášek B., who are struggling with their health. Direct thanks to Matúš Lacko and Radek Buchta.


Thanks to the beautiful weather the exhibition in Dukovany was held without any problems. On the spot we auctioned signed jerseys from Adam Hložek (Sparta Praha), Ondra Mastny (Manchester United), Michael Rabusic (Slovan Liberec), Ondřej Vetchý alias Jirka Luňák from the show Okresní přebor and Standy Tecla (Slavia Praha). The exhibition was attended by Petr Mikolanda, Ondřej Ševčík, David Pašek, Milan Lutonský, Radek Látal, Tomáš Josl, Marek Zúbek and Honza Novák. The proceeds went to Anetka Š., who is in the care of her grandparents.